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April 16, 2011

LASIK, re-visited

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Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been missing in the blog-sphere lately, in all of my blogs! In addition to avoiding reading style blogs temporarily to help cool down my over worked credit card from use due to looking at all you lovely ladies looking fabulous in all your new wear, I had been gearing up for my retouch surgery or “enhancement” starting a couple weeks ago.

Basically, since my first surgery, my right eye remained with its astigmatism from day one, which means everything remained blurry around the edges and made text look fuzzy. Thankfully, my left eye was basically perfect, and improved so much that it compensated for my left eye’s troubles.

Side Effects

  1. I can remember that driving at night the first few weeks was sort of a nightmare. I had somewhat lost my confidence driving at night and almost got into an accident; the halos (the glow around a light source, in particular headlights) were huge, as well as star bursts (star effect coming from a light source). Plus, everything was blurrier and my depth perception was messed up. However, the starbursts and halos eventually went away.
  2. Dry eyes. Even though it had been three months, I still had to put in eye drops everyday, otherwise my eyes would start to feel sandy, and I would start to look like Dracula with little red veins running everywhere.

The Enhancement

The blurriness remained whenever I covered up my left eye, so, after having pretty much the same prescription in my right eye, I went in for my enhancement yesterday. They didn’t have to use the laser to reopen my flap, as once the flap is created, never really heals. Think of it as a lid to a container. However, prior to lifting the lap, I was told that I would feel like there was an eyelash stuck in my eye, which would be different than my first experience.

Boy, were they right. After the numbness wore off and after I slept for two hours, I was in pain. It’s exactly like having an eyelash stuck in your eye- but you can’t rub it or wash it off. So my eyes kept on tearing and tearing all night. I woke up to put in my antibiotic and inflammatory eye drops, but wonder if my tears washed them away.

Waking up this morning, my right eye is still blurry. I was half hoping that it would be like my left eye – immediately clear. But, when you get LASIK, it takes a while for your eyes to stabilize. Most of my friends however, their vision was immediately clear when they got it. So, I can’t say I’m not disappointed.

I tend to read and research before any purchase, and this time was no different. The stories you read about people who lost their best corrected form of vision and have daily pain is scary to read. Some have to wear glasses or contacts again, while others in the worst case, get depression because of pain, nausea, headaches due to their poor vision that they did to themselves and ultimately want to commit suicide everyday.

Scary stuff. I go for my post-op checkup in a few hours, and a “smaller” eyelash feels stuck in my eye, so at least I can actually open it now for a good ten or twenty seconds before having to close it, as opposed to yesterday when it was just pure painful to open it at all.

That’s all for now, I’ll probably update again about my LASIK experience in a month or so. Look for more project un-cluttering posts to come. I’ve been inspired by Lily to continue with those kind of posts. No shop my closet for me, as my little ol blog doesn’t have enough visitors, plus, since I’m getting rid of things that are too big for me, not sure who they would fit! 😛

But, hm.. the question remains — should I head to LOFT to check out their 40% off sale? That twisted pleat shell is calling my name! — they’re all sold out online!


March 21, 2011

Will the Real Steve Madden Intcye Boots Please Stand Up? ………Oh Wait.

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Some of you know that I bought Steve Madden Intyce Boots, thanks to seeing these deliciously cute boots on Aubrey when we met up for sushi a while ago. They’re pretty expensive, but I figured for real leather, Steve Madden and the gorgeous colour cognac, they’d be worth it, armed with a small coupon.

I purchased first the 6s from, then got worried after reading numerous reviews about how narrow they were and went ahead and bought the 6.5s. Sadly, this was after their 20%off coupon had expired which worked with Mr. Rebates, so I got the 6s first with the 20%off coupon + Mr.Rebates 12% off cashback, and the 6.5s with only a 20%off coupon using VISA. I was getting ready to return just the 6s when I came across the boots on for 20%off+10%off, at a starting price lower than, which prompted me to decide to return both orders.

Well, here comes the comical part. I received the boots yesterday, opened them up, and to my dismay, they looked awfully different to the ones I received from

Can you tell the difference?

Steve Madden Intyce Boots in Cognac
Made In
brazil_intyce_tag mexico_intyce_tag
brazil_intyce_lining2 mexico_intyce_lining
endless_intyce2 shoes-com_intyce_both
brazil_intyce_heel mexico_intyce_heel

I typically love boots made in Brazil, and I can tell by the workmanship of the stitches that it is better than the boots made in Mexico. But the fit and the color leaves something to be desired. Due to how supple and soft the leather and the lining were (almost suede like), it caused the ankle area to bunch a whole lot more, and my calves to look a lot more funny with the boots on (they look like they just flare out, and I have fairly normal calves).

Makes me wonder about all these reviews now over the web. I see some complaints about the boots being an avocado peel, not enough of the rich cognac color, or it being too slouchy, and it starts to make me wonder about “which” boot they received! I will say one thing though – had I received the boots first from, not seeing them on Aubrey D, I wouldn’t even have thought about sizing them up to 6.5 because they weren’t really all that attractive! The 6.5s that were made in Brazil fit more snugly, like a size 6, but not as bad as the 6s that I ordered from that were made in Mexico (where the toes hit the top of my boot). The 6.5s made in Mexico are definitely more roomy, but the perfect fit were the 6.5 pair made in Brazil. (Are you following along? I’m starting to get confused myself!)

The sole of these boots seem slightly thin, which makes me wonder if there might be enough padding on the sole. I think I might add a foot petal to the bottom to add some cushion to help the ball of my foot. Long story short, I’m going with the pair made in Mexico because the cognac color is what I expected them to be and they seem to hold their structure. They’re a bit more roomy than I’d like, but I much prefer them to the pair made in Brazil. So, while I like the softness of the suede lining, and I also prefer items made in Brazil, I will stick with the boots made in Mexco, despite the price and the fact that packaged the shoe box much better than did. I keep my boots in their shoe boxes, so I prefer to store them in a box that’s not beat up.

All in all what do I take away from this funny situation? Unfortunately, some reviews online (without accompanying photos) may not always be reliable because items could be made in two different factories, producing what seems like two different products that are under the same name and model. This contributed to the somewhat disparaging reviews between and

What do you think of the boots? Has anything funny like this happened to you before?

Read Aubrey’s recent review of the boots here.

Sorry for my blabbing. I’m constantly trying to improve my writing and grammar 🙂 Back to the work grind tomorrow!


March 6, 2011

Ruffle Revolution! :)

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Christina, Aubrey, Grace

Yesterday, I met up with wonderful fellow San Diego petites Aubrey and Christina for sushi and to give them the Ann Taylor Factory Ruffle Shells in XXSP that are all a flurry in the petite community. I look tall in this photo, thanks to very tall heels 😛 Aubrey is in fact taller than me. It was a night full of talk about fashion, finds, beauty and silliness! Unfortunately, Aubrey and Christina have said that the ruffle shells look to be too big for the two of them and will have to be shrunk. So sad! I hope to meet up with them more (and with Kelly too!) They are absolutely adorable and it was my pleasure to spend time with these lovely ladies!

February 1, 2011

LASIK, two weeks later

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I haven’t written much in any of my blogs, mainly due to the fact that two weeks ago, I went in for LASIK. My prescription was pretty high, with a -7.5 in my right eye, and a -5.5 in my left eye. I tend to freak out when anything comes close to my eye, including contacts, so I have been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old.

Lately, I’ve just been wanting a change, and I was getting annoyed how greasy my face seemed to get with my glasses, the constant needing to clean my glasses, and the fact that my nose ridge barely existed causing my glasses to slide down that I decided to go for the change.

Feeling pretty confident about going with Global Laser Vision, with my ex and many of his coworkers going to the same place and having a successful surgery, I decided to go with Global Laser Vision as well. In addition, the surgeon had a very impressive resume, and all the reviews online for Global Laser Vision were extremely positive.

I opted for the Custom Wavefront Lasik procedure, which is essentially performed all with laser. There are two steps, the cutting of the flap, and then the cornea being modified to the shape it needs to see clearly. The cutting of the flap can be done manually with a blade, or a laser (which is more precise). Since my eyes are so sensitive I had a difficult time not tearing up during the surgery. Before going into the surgery they put five or six different kinds of eye drops into your eye – many to prevent from getting an infection or inflammation which could cause complications, in addition the one drop to numb your eye.

The whole procedure was done within five minutes for each eye. But as I said, I kept on tearing up throughout, so when the flap was actually cut, I wasn’t aware of what many described as going blind for about 15 seconds since I was already all teared up. After they’re done, they send you home with a pair of eye shields to help the healing of the cornea and to prevent you from rubbing your eyes.

How are my eyes? My left eye is 20/20. My right eye however, even after two weeks is blurry.
(For some reason, it’s taking me forever to write up this post!) I’m contemplating wearing an eye patch over my left eye to possibly improve my right eye. I’m not sure if that would work or just strain my eye even more so. Night time, due to my blurriness and the fact that my astigmatism still remains (seeing double), my depth perception is thrown off quite a bit. The first week, I had completely lost my confidence driving because I couldn’t judge how far I was from vehicles when making lane changes or merging.

I’ll check in later with more updates on my eye progress. I haven’t gone to the mall or bought anything new as of late, so nothing to report there so far =)

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